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Rent WiFi in a Box | Portable Solutions for Events and Businesses

Rent WiFi in a Box and Streamline your UK events with guaranteed internet & a stress-free experience.

  • High-Speed & Secure Internet for Any Venue
  • Simply Plug & Play!
  • Perfect For Conferences, Exhibitions & More

Rent WiFi in a Box: Effortless Connectivity for UK Events

One World Rental empowers UK events with guaranteed WiFi connectivity anywhere, anytime. Our portable wifi box solution delivers enterprise-grade internet in a portable, user-friendly package. Rent wifi in a box for events and say goodbye to unreliable connections and complex setups.

WiFi in a Box is portable event WiFi (literally WiFi for 100 in a box). It provides high-speed, secure internet access for 100 users in less than 3 minutes at the flip of a switch. Sounds too good to be true? This is the latest in event WiFi- affordable and reliable, a rather attractive combination in a bright plum-coloured pelicase.

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Wifi in a Box
Wifi in a Box
Get uninterrupted portable event WiFi—rent Portable WiFi in a Box today and stay connected no matter where your event.

Uses 4x 4g/LTE-Advanced cellular providers

Runs concurrently for increased performance and 99.9% uptime

Remote access management: user bandwidth and usage analytics

Traffic shaping and Bandwidth Control per user

Optional additional private SSIDs (WiFi networks) and passwords

Live Remote Support 24/7

4x4 MIMO & 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz (5Ghz recommended)

Web content filtering

Applications for WiFi in a Box For Events

WiFi in a box provides temporary internet for events. This is ideal for pop-up shops, vendor stalls, or anywhere you need portable wifi hire in the UK. With this WiFi rental, you can easily take orders electronically, make instant payments, and register guests through electronic check-in. This is vital for kitchens to receive orders and for till systems/ cash registers to operate effectively. It reduces queues and keeps an event running smoothly.

Applications for WiFi in a Box For Events

Portable WiFi Has Never Been Simpler

Not only is it simple to operate- but it’s also easy to transport. This wifi box solution weighs under 10kg for your convenience. It has a pull-out handle, so you can roll it or, alternatively, carry it via its side handle. It was designed to travel well, whether by road or air. We can also deliver it to you as needed in any location you request worldwide- just let us know what works best!

Portable WiFi Excellence: Reliable and Scalable Solutions

Opt for our services for your next event and enjoy seamless, dependable internet connectivity.

How does our temporary WiFi rental work?

You simply plug in WiFi in a Box, and within 3 minutes it’s generating internet for 100 people. It can cover a distance of up to 40 meters, which can be increased depending on your requirements- the system is completely scalable. Each box boosts and relays a mobile data network. The result is a broadband connection that powers your digital event experience with zero hassle.

Consistent WiFi enables guests to utilise event apps or features such as silent auctions or live polling at conferences or fundraisers. Having connectivity is essential. Guests can use the internet in any way that makes their experience worthwhile, your attendees will be happy, and your event will gain a reputation for success. Event planners have enough on their plate; you deserve an event WiFi solution that is simple, effective and competitively priced. Welcome to WiFi in a Box for events.

Empower Your Events with Custom-Tailored WiFi Solutions

Exhibitions, conferences

Training sessions



Event check-in and registration

Software or OS testing

Every Event Professional Will Strive To Make Their Event Successful, And One Of The Key Factors Of Success Is To Have Intelligent WiFi Solutions

Our skilled technicians can install and set up secure and reliable internet connections in today’s fast-moving world. Mobile is at everyone’s fingertips, and audiences will want to connect instantly to post live videos, status updates, check-ins and selfies directly to their social media accounts.

Our WiFi solutions for events are great for setting up on-site payment terminals, event check-in and registration systems. Our range of touchscreens complements the package.

Ask Us How To Rent Portable WiFi Today!

Our team of customer service representatives is available to help you find a solution for your WiFi experience. It may be our portable WiFi hire UK service. It may be any of our additional internet solutions, such as satellite Internet, remote access points, or personalised bonded internet. We’ve been keeping events connected for years and are an award-winning technology hardware and services provider. We offer event equipment rental, technical event staffing, 24/7 support, and delivery anywhere globally. Our team is knowledgeable, professional, and easy to talk to. Contact us today for any event needs or to ask about our portable wifi box!

What Sets Us Apart?

In the UK event industry, One World Rental stands out for its reliable and innovative event technology solutions. Offering a diverse range of IT rentals, including tablets, wireless networking, and satellite internet, we ensure seamless event coordination.

24/7 Technical Support

Flexible Rental Plans

Swift Global Delivery

Premium Equipment Quality

Diverse Rental Options

Customised Quote Solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together detailed responses to frequently asked questions about using a portable WiFi Box for business in the UK. For more information on the rental process, contact our expert team.

Absolutely! One World Rental's wifi box solution provides a reliable and flexible temporary WiFi option for UK business events or conferences. This means you don't have to worry about complex installations or long-term contracts. Simply rent WiFi in a Box for the duration of your event and enjoy hassle-free internet access for your guests or attendees.

It's fast and easy! Simply contact One World Rental. Our team will guide you through a swift setup process. The beauty of a portable wifi box is its plug-and-play functionality. In most cases, you'll just need to unpack the unit, power it on, and connect to the pre-configured network. Our team can be available on-site to assist with setup if needed, ensuring you have reliable WiFi connectivity in no time to meet all your event or business needs.

Yes, our powerful WiFi in a Box hire solution can handle many devices simultaneously. Whether you have a small gathering or a large conference with hundreds of attendees, we have a solution to accommodate your bandwidth requirements and ensure smooth connectivity for everyone.

We understand that every event and business have unique needs. One World Rental offers a customisable WiFi box solution to suit your requirements perfectly. This may include additional coverage areas, enhanced security features, or specialised configurations to match your specific event format.

WiFi in a Box can be powered by standard EU, US, or UK AC power plugs. It is low-power-consumption compatible with generators and operates worldwide with both 110v and 220v voltage options.

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