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app & software solutions.

One World Rental provide our clients with efficient event check in and registration app solutions.

One World Rental have built business relationships over the years by partnering with highly skilled app and software developers. Our clients are at a great advantage with us in knowing that we are able to provide the right solutions for event check in app and software that are specific to your business conference, live workshops or trade shows.

Our partnered event check in app developers are able to successfully create and install an on-brand, fun and fully interactive selection of apps on most devices such as mobile phones, iPad Airs and Surface Pros. The event check in app can be used for:

Add maximum ROI to your event technology by ensuring the correct software and app is used.

One World Rental has decades of experience and an overview of thousands of applications and platforms which may work best for your event. By sharing industry expertise and applying it to your specific event requirements, we can compliment your hardware with the correct software solution for you.

Offering apps and software for:

Deploying global event technology solutions in over 50 countries worldwide.

Offering a 24/7 on-site and technical support service during your rental period.

We are trusted suppliers to over 4000 clients globally.

Partnered with trusted developers to provide customised apps & software solutions.

One of our Project Managers will contact you within 15 mins of your request.