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Handheld Scanner Rental for Short Term

Rent scanners from One World rental for wide range of needs from Registration and badge scanner to point of sale needs in EPOS sets up. One World Rental is the worlds largest stockist of handheld scanners for Business and corporate events and short term rental needs. One World Rental partners with leading manufacturers including Honeywell, Zebra, Lineapro and Sockscan to deliver a wide range of enterprise options for rental.

Enterprise Handheld Scanners Rental



Designed for iPod 5,6,7 gen

Combination of 1d and 2D handheld scanner

Specially made with iOS devices

Ideal in registration, ticketing and tracking use cases

Rent bundled with iPod Touch



Designed for iPhone 6,7 and 8

Enhanced design and high-performance scanning

Used extensively for event registration, scanning and POS

Rent bundled with iPhones from One World Rental

Zebra TC57 Scanner

Zebra TC57 Scanner Rental

Advanced Touch computer scanner

Ultimate in Enterprise class computing

2D high performance scanning

Android computer for standalone scanning

Barcode Scanners Rental

Zebra DS2208 2D Black

Zebra DS2208 2D Black Handheld Scanner

Best in class USD scanner

Simple and reliable to use

Affordable 1d & 2D Scanning

Rent Bundled with Laptops from One World Rental

Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

SocketScan S700 imager Bluetooth scanner

SocketScan S700 Imager Bluetooth Scanner

Rent the Sockscan S700 1D scanner for all-day usage

Connects to your device via Bluetooth

Lightweight and wireless

Bluetooth NFC Reader 

bluetooth nfc reader

Bluetooth NFC Tag

A simple, efficient tool that enables you to read contactless tags.

Connects to your smartphones and tablets

Easy to use

Wearable – Includes lanyard/belt clip for convenient access wherever you go

Deploying global event technology solutions in over 50 countries worldwide.

Offering both remote and on-site technical support 24/7 throughout your rental period.

We are trusted suppliers to over 4000 clients globally.

Partnered with trusted developers to provide customised apps & software solutions.

One of our project managers will contact you within 15 minutes of your request.

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