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LED Video Wall Hire for Events In the UK

One World Rental offers premier LED Video Wall Hire services across the UK. Our LED walls provide exceptional visual quality, flexibility, and customisation options, ensuring your event stands out with captivating displays.

Rent LED Video Wall And Transform Your Events

One World Rental is your go-to solution for LED Video Wall Hire for events in the UK. We offer a comprehensive rental service designed to meet the unique needs of event organisers, providing state-of-the-art LED walls that deliver exceptional visual quality and flexibility.

Our LED video walls have advanced features such as adjustable curved panels, optimal pixel pitch, and versatile configurations to ensure an impactful visual experience for your events. Whether you're hosting a corporate conference, a music festival, or a trade show, our LED walls will elevate your event to the next level.

Unlock Unforgettable Experiences with Our Monitor Hire
Rent LED Video Wall
Rent LED Video Wall
Our displays with a 2.5 Pixel Pitch guarantee an optimal viewing distance for your content, whether it's viewed up close or from a distance. The curved panels, which can be adjusted up to 15 degrees, offer creative freedom and unwavering reliability to your preferred LED wall design.

Create fun and engaging interactive events

2.9 Pixel Pitch ensures optimal viewing distance

Up to 15-degree curved LED panels

Can be set up to 20 meters wide

Lightweight - ideal both for floor standing and trussing

Configured with the space and layout of the venue

The NEC LED wall hire is ideal for staging events

Choose the Perfect LED Video Wall Category for Your Event

Leverage our expertise in designing LED video walls of any size and shape to suit your event requirements. Explore our range, including indoor and outdoor LED display services, to find the ideal match for your vision and objectives.

Outdoor LED Video Wall

Outdoor LED Video Wall

Indoor LED Video Wall

Indoor LED Video Wall

Mobile LED Video Wall

Mobile LED Video Wall

Large LED Video Wall

Large LED Video Wall

Rent LED Screen and Immerse Your Audience

Rent LED Screen and step into immersive experiences with One World Rental's innovative LED video wall solutions. Our offerings empower you to orchestrate live events with unparalleled precision and exceptional quality. LED video screens have become indispensable visual assets for business events, offering unparalleled brightness, display quality, and design.

Featuring modular panels with flexible resolutions, sizes, and curved options, our solutions unlock endless creative possibilities. From trade shows and concerts to seminars and corporate events, our LED video wall rentals cater to diverse occasions, allowing you to engage your audience, make compelling statements, and deliver impactful messages.

Rent LED Video Wall and Take Your Event To The Next Level

Call us now to create captivating displays that leave a lasting impression on your attendees. Transform your event experience today!

Enhance Your Event with LED Video Wall Rentals

Our LED walls have multiple panels, offering a robust platform for showcasing high-resolution videos and presentations. Ideal for corporate events, they seamlessly integrate digital technology with effective event marketing strategies. Event organisers gain complete control over the displayed content by seamlessly integrating video walls with mobile and iPad devices. Our team of technical experts is adept at configuring and installing these impressive setups seamlessly.

Customised LED Video Wall Rental Solutions for Exhibitions Throughout the UK

Hire video wall for events and experience the pinnacle of visual excellence with our high-resolution LED video wall rentals, offering unmatched flexibility. Our tiling system allows expansion up to 20 meters wide, providing endless creative opportunities. Collaborate with our expert team to design a bespoke layout that seamlessly integrates with your event theme or style. Elevate the visual experience for attendees across various events.

Music concerts and festivals


Live award shows

Fashion events

Sporting events

Fundraising events

Digital presentations

Product/ service launches

Interactive events

Optimising Visual Experience with Pixel Pitch and LED Screen Panel Rental

Pixel Pitch plays a crucial role in the visual quality of a video wall, representing the distance between two pixels. A smaller Pixel Pitch allows viewers to closely observe the video wall, experiencing content with excellent clarity and high resolution. Conversely, a higher Pixel Pitch requires viewers to stand farther away for comparable quality. One World Rental's LED video walls feature an impressive 2.9 Pixel Pitch, ensuring guests can choose their viewing positions and enjoy ultra-high-resolution content with exceptional sharpness and clarity.

Hire Video Wall With Comprehensive Event Solutions and Diverse Hardware Selection

Hire video wall and get event-related hardware solutions tailored to your needs. From iPads and iMacs to laptops, Audio-Visual equipment, POS devices, and digital signage, we've got you covered. However, our commitment doesn't stop at hardware provision. We offer a comprehensive suite of services to ensure the seamless execution of your event. Our skilled team assists with app creation, software configuration, delivery, logistics, and installation, guaranteeing a hassle-free process from planning to execution. Furthermore, we understand the critical role of technical expertise, so we provide highly trained and experienced technical event staffing to ensure flawless execution of all audio-visual setups and hardware operations.

Why Choose One World Rental

One World Rental is the foremost authority in bespoke LED video wall hire in the UK. Our extensive range includes meticulously curated top-tier IT Rentals, ensuring an unparalleled event experience.

Global Reach

Technical Assistance

Flexible Rental Terms

Fast Worldwide Delivery

Tested And Approved Devices

A Wide Selection of Options

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions regarding LED video wall hire in the UK. If you need more information about our LED video wall rental services and procedures, contact our experienced team of professionals.

LED walls provide captivating visual presentations, enhance brand visibility, offer flexible content customisation, seamlessly integrate with event themes, and effectively engage attendees.

Consider factors such as venue size, viewing distance, desired resolution, content requirements, budget, and technical support. Then, select the suitable pixel pitch, screen size, and display quality to create an immersive visual experience.

Yes, LED video walls offer flexibility for customising content. You can display videos, images, live feeds, graphics, and interactive elements tailored to your event's theme, branding, and messaging.

We offer comprehensive technical assistance for LED screen hire, including installation, setup, dismantling, and on-site technicians to address any issues during the event, ensuring a seamless visual experience.

To make an informed decision, consider the rental company's reputation, experience, equipment quality, available sizes, pricing, customer reviews, and level of technical support. Choose One World Rental for a comprehensive solution.

Absolutely! Our services have a global reach, covering over 60 countries. With round-the-clock customer support and technical expertise, we cater to your technology needs regardless of location.

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