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EPOS Rental UK - Fast Transactions for Enhanced Productivity

From small gatherings to large-scale events, our EPOS rental in the UK streamlines payments with credit cards, cash, checks, and contactless options. Upgrade your event's payment experience with our seamless EPOS solutions!

Tailored EPOS Rentals for British Event Professionals

Embrace the future of transaction management with One World Rental UK, the premier choice for bespoke EPOS solutions. Upgrade to innovative payment solutions with our cutting-edge EPOS rental solution for events. From high-profile events to bustling retail environments, our extensive range caters to every industry need.

Explore our comprehensive range of EPOS systems featuring top-tier Zettle, SumUp, and Square EPOS systems alongside versatile receipt printers designed specifically for event organisers, merchants, and hospitality venues. With One World Rental, elevate your operations by embracing simplicity through streamlined transactions, robust data analysis, and unparalleled efficiency.

Tailored EPOS Rentals for British Event Professionals 

Zettle Solution for Seamless Events and Retail Experiences

At One World Rental, we offer efficient payment solutions to our valued clients in the UK. Our Zettle rental service is a popular choice for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, it provides a fast and secure point-of-sale transaction experience. Additionally, our knowledgeable technical staff can install this award-winning card reader anywhere and set it up quickly. Its compact design and versatile capabilities make it an ideal choice for events that require instant payments, such as exhibitions, music festivals, pop-up shops, and charity fundraising events.


Zettle Card Reader

Zettle terminal rental for quick and secure transactions.

Zettle Hire accepts payments from MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Visa Electron

Bluetooth connectivity

All-day power supply


Zettle Charging Dock

Charging dock for Zettle card reader.

Perfect to keep a card reader on a counter

Ensures the card reader is always charged

Makes card payments easy

SumUP EPOS Solution: The Ultimate Service for Instant Payments

At One World Rental, we offer SumUP EPOS services that cater to the needs of event organisers. Our tailored solutions are designed to streamline payment processing, ensuring seamless events and hassle-free transactions. With our SumUP EPOS rental system, you can enjoy instant payments and elevate your event experience to the next level.


SumUp Solo Bundle

Touch-Screen payment terminal for quick and secure transactions.

All-in-One Solution

Accepts all payments

3G and wifi capable connection

The compact design fits in your pocket


SumUp Air

Accept all kinds of payments: contactless, Chip&PIN, Google Pay, and Àpplè Pay

Counts a large amount of cash at the same time

It Can count up to 1000 notes per minute

Detects fraud notes through the use of UV lighting


SumUp 3G

Reader and printer Payment terminal for quick and secure transactions; built-in receipt printer

Accepts all payments

Process payments with 3G data coverage

Built-in printer, everything you need to get started

Streamline Your Event Operations with the Square EPOS Solution

Experience effortless transactions and heightened operational efficiency with our customised Square EPOS rental solutions. Attract more guests and achieve event success with secure, intuitive payment processing. By leveraging Square Terminals, you will unlock a world of possibilities for enhancing guest satisfaction and driving growth within your organisation.


Square Terminal Rental

Simple and secure

Take payments and print receipts seamlessly from one portable, cordless device.

Tap a contactless card or device.

Square EPOS Rental payments via three methods: tap, swipe, or dip


Square Stand Version 2

Compatible iPad into a powerful point-of-sale

Customers want to pay with contactless options like ApplePay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

The Square Stand is compatible with USB, Bluetooth, and network hardware accessories.


Square Reader

Payment terminal, which is secure, fast, and simple.

Accepts chip and PIN and contactless cards/devices

Connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to a tablet or phone

Accepts payments quickly

A Powerful battery lasts all-day


Square Dock

Keeps your reader charged, stable, and ready for payments.

Upward tilt makes it easy to accept chip + PIN and contactless payments

Keep at the point of sale

Metal skeleton interior


Square Stand

Transforms your iPad into a sleek and secure point-of-sale.

Professional, sleek design

Makes the Square POS app even easier for your staff and customers to use

Use while keeping your iPad fully charged


L7 Case

Create a roaming sales terminal seamlessly.

Ergonomic and light, allowing for flexible payment solutions

Soft housing for your device and a hard poly-carbonate back cover

Complete Square Bundle: Elevate Your Event Payment Experience

Experience seamless event transactions with our comprehensive Square bundle, including a Square Stand, Cash Drawer, and Receipt Printer. Tailored Square software enhances your business operations. Contact us for more EPOS hire information.

Square Bundle

Square Stand

Cash drawer

Receipt printer

Optimise Event Transactions with Reliable EPOS Peripherals

At One World Rental, we understand the importance of seamless event transactions. That's why we offer a complete hire EPOS kit in the UK, featuring advanced receipt printers, cash drawers, currency counters, and stands. Our diverse equipment selection is designed to handle all your needs flawlessly, contributing to a successful event from the first sale to the last receipt. Whether you require receipt printers or cash drawer rentals, we offer all the products necessary for your EPOS system. Trust us to provide the necessary equipment.


Star TSP100 Series


Wireless Lan

USB Type-B

Lightning Capabilities.



Stores money safely during events.

Used mainly for the purpose of an EPOS setup

Prints at a fast speed

Easy to use and reliable

Will print a receipt for an order


Epos Till Rental

Used for client receipts when an order is run .

Used for client receipts

Use high-quality white paper

Suitable for ultra-fast printing

Effective thermal printing


Cash Drawer Rental

Rent Cash Drawer and Store money safely



Key turning


Bank Note Currency Counter

Count a large amount of cash at the same time

Can count up to 1000 notes per minute

Detects fraud notes through the use of UV lighting


Heckler Stand

A display stand that can be used to hold all iPads except Pros and Minis.

Can be secured through an adhesive pad or via solid fixing.

Offers a maximum weight-bearing capacity

Explore the Top Event IT Rentals in the UK

At One World Rental; we-provide comprehensive support for events of all scales, from Macs and iPads to iPhones, printers, scanners, laptops, and audiovisual equipment. With our extensive experience, we have successfully served clients in government, corporate, retail, education, hospitality, entertainment, pharmaceutical, non-profit sectors, and more. Contact us today to elevate your event technology experience.

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Experience faster, more efficient payments for smooth operations. Boost efficiency and delight guests with our tailored solutions.

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One World Rental is a leading provider of bespoke event technology solutions in the UK. We understand the importance of delivering flawless tech solutions that leave a lasting impact on your attendees. Here's what sets us apart:


Worldwide Presence

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Flexible Rental Period

A Wide Range Of Available Options

Tested and Approved Devices

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Frequently Asked Questions

To ensure complete confidence in choosing our EPOS rental solutions in the UK, we have diligently addressed frequently asked questions. However, if you seek personalised guidance based on your specific event requirements, please do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable experts. They will provide tailored recommendations to help you create a memorable and successful occasion.

We offer swift equipment delivery to various locations, ensuring efficiency and reliability throughout your event. The delivery time depends on your location and the availability of the equipment. Please contact us for more information.

EPOS systems offer numerous benefits, including faster transactions, increased sales, actionable insights, easy ordering, and lower labour costs. These systems streamline payment processing, making attendee check-ins quicker and smoother, and provide valuable data on sales, stock levels, and staff performance.

Please contact us with your event or business requirements to get a quote for our EPOS hire for business. Our team will provide you with a customised quote that perfectly aligns with your distinctive needs.

Our EPOS systems have advanced security features to ensure secure payment processing and protect customer data. We adhere to industry standards and best practices to safeguard transactions and maintain data privacy throughout your event.

Yes, our technical event staff can provide installation services for setting up the EPOS system at your event venue. They will ensure the equipment is properly configured and ready for seamless operation during your event.

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