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the surface pro offers

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Surface Pro Hire London

The Microsoft Surface Pro tablet is a professional and collaborative device that is available to rent for business conferences, workshops, charity and public events. We are the Surface Pro Hire London professionals!

One World Rental provides our clients with interactive digital solutions. Rent Microsoft Surface Pro today and you’ll immediately notice the difference. Let’s be specific; it has a beautiful design, is speedy and lightweight, and contains an impressively clear, high resolution display. And rest assured; it has a processor that works as hard as you do.

The Microsoft Surface Pro rental is available for short term hire anywhere across the UK and can easily handle and integrate customised apps or software without any issues. But this is just the beginning.

Rent Microsoft Surface Pro and we'll set it up.

Great apps compliment great equipment. We have software and hardware to impress you with. More than that, One World Rental is proud to have a team of advanced technical event staff, Surface Pro Hire London experts who are ready and able to pre-install any presentation apps or other digital media files for your guests to use. 

During complex presentations our clients’ guests are able to make live notes directly through the touchscreen feature and engage in other aspects of the presentation, such as networking and file sharing.

Microsoft Surface Pro rental – hire a 3 in 1 solution!

One of the biggest advantages of the Microsoft Surface Pro hire is that it is so versatile, the user can easily adapt from using it as a tablet, to a full laptop or creative studio that can be transported with ease. With the combination of dynamic retina displays, powerful processors and complex interactive capabilities, the Microsoft Surface Pro proves to deliver the most engaging digital experience. It’s the ultimate solution for sharing complicated drawings and graphics, live video streaming and endless reading content.


Rent Microsoft Surface Pro Intel Core i7

High performance

Collaborative with other devices

Bluetooth, 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity


Microsoft Surface Pro Rental 6th Gen

Great product for interactive presentations

Versatile, with a powerful processor


Rent Microsoft Surface Pro 7th Gen

Great product for educational learning sessions

High performance and versatile

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 gen

Microsoft Surface Pro 8th Gen Hire

Great product for graduate training programmes

High performance and versatile

Microsoft Surface Pro Mouse

Ultra slim and lightweight Microsoft Arc Mouse

Adjusts to your hand shape for ease of interaction

Connects wirelessly via Bluetooth

Innovative full scroll plane for vertical and horizontal scrolling

Microsoft Surface Pro Pen

Precision drawing and writing capabilities

Bluetooth connectivity

Great for making notes during a presentation

Microsoft Surface Pro Keyboard

Adjustable angles

Pairs with the Surface Pro

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity

Our technicians can pre-pair the Surface Pro with Surface Pens, Microsoft Arc Mouse and the Surface Pro Keyboard through their Bluetooth connectivity options.

One World Rental can provide the Microsoft Surface Pro for any event type, examples include:

Our partnered app-developers can successfully create and install on-brand, fun and fully interactive apps on most devices such as mobile phones, iPad Airs and Surface Pros:

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