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Rent Epson C3500 printer for high-quality and reliable printing results for your events.

Rent Epson C3500 ColorWorks Label Printer

Printing in high volumes for an event can be a daunting task. Not only do you have to worry about the logistics and sourcing of the equipment to the event and the right software platform to manage delegate and visitor registration but also onsite staffing to ensure registration desks are working well with minimal waiting and fast badge printing onsite. Consumables, toners, inks and badge stock as well as Wi-Fi are just a few of many factors in running a World class registration and check in desks for events.

One World Rental has got you covered. One World Rental provides high-quality Epson C3500 printers for rent, so you can focus on your event and not on your printing needs. Plus, One World rental offers ink for Epson C3500 as well as supporting you globally in Badge stock and staffing for Registration set-ups anywhere in the world. One World Rental has been providing hardware and onsite staffing services for Event Registration and printing needs around the world for several years and a leading partner for Registration printer rentals.

Rent Epson C3500 ColorWorks Label Printer

Key Features of Epson C3500

The Epson TM-C3500 series of 4-colour inkjet printers offer the high speed, easy operability, and high reliability required for on-demand badge and label printing. Its easy integration with all major onsite registration applications and rear-feed capability for fanfold and large rolls makes it the top choice of event managers and organisations. With high print speed, it would be a  great addition to your on-site badge printing needs. 

Robust design for commercial use

The Compact, robust design of the Epson 3500 badge printer is ideal for small workspaces but also for high traffic corporate events with large visitors numbers and commercial events alike. One World Rental has event specific packing for the Epson C3500 printer so you your rental of the Epson C3500 printer can go from the to print within a couple of minutes with secure and custom designing shipping solutions designed with onsite deployments in mind.

4 inches/Second Print Speed

Epson’s ColorWorks C3500’s ability to produce full-colour labels at high speed of up to 4"/second makes it the ideal solution.

Four-colour inkjet printing

MicroPiezo® inkjet technology ensures labels with crisp, clear, and vibrant graphics that resist smudges and leaks. Print on either pre printed badges or plain white badges within seconds using the fastest onsite colour printing in the industry.

Individual ink cartridges

Fast and easy ink cartridge loading with automatic nozzle verification technology. One World rental will ship every rental with 1 complete set of Inks and Maintenance box. Additional inks can be purchased when planning your rental with your Sales account manager at One World Rental.

Reliable and flexible

Designed for high-duty commercial environments, the rugged C3500 is dust and water-resistant and built to last.

USB and Ethernet interfaces

USB interface and Ethernet interface are equipped by default and can be used as a local or network printer. Use with Laptops using direct USB connections or create a local LAN for network printing using iPads and tablets also. One World Rental can rent routers, switches an network cables to meet your event printing needs.

Hire ColorWorks C3500

With Epson C3500 For Events, Get On-Site And On-Demand Printing

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Epson 3500 for Events

The C3500 allows you to easily personalise and print your own colour badges. This printer ensures that you may print everything from one device, whether it's business cards with colourful logos and pictures or event tickets, badges with QR codes or colour branding and ID cards with critical barcodes and product information. It also aids in conforming to GHS international chemical labelling standards since labels may be produced on-demand without the need for pre-designed templates.

Hire ColorWorks C3500 - Inkjet Badge Printer

Are you looking for a high-quality, on-demand name badge printing solution? Look no further than the Epson 3500 badge printer! This EPSON printer is designed for events, exhibitions, and conferences and is the most efficient way to print full-colour name badges. You'll remain highly flexible in the layout of the badges and prevent unnecessary printing of badges for no-shows. The Hire ColorWorks C3500 is also compatible with Swoogo, CVENT, EventsAir, Aventri, Field Drive, Shocklogic, Klay, EventT and many more software providers. So contact one world rental to learn more about Renting Epson C3500 badge printer for your events and our specialist account managers can discuss the integration and completion solution with you whilst using your preferred software partner. Hire ColorWorks C3500 today!

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Hire ColorWorks C3500 - Inkjet Badge Printer

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What our Clients Say About Us

"We hired One World Rental's Epson C3500 rental services for our Tech Trade 2019 badge printing, and we couldn't be happier with the results. The colours are bright and vibrant, and the barcodes and product information are printed perfectly. We were also able to easily customise the labels to our specific needs. "


Frequently Asked Questions

Get the Epson C3500 printer, one of the latest additions, and get high-quality label prints at an affordable price. We have addressed the most frequently asked questions about Epson C3500 rental services. If you still have questions about the process, consult our experts now. 

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Yes, you can hire Epson C3500 from us in high quantities for your event. We add maximum value to your event through app integrations, staff training, and quick deployment of large stock in more than 50 countries.
The Epson C3500 is a high-quality inkjet badge printer with excellent print quality and speed. Not only that, but it's also very adaptable and prints on a wide range of media types, making it ideal for creating on-site and on-demand event badges, tickets, and labels. You can print in colour using the Epson C3500 printer whereas Thermal badges and printers are limited to Black print only.
Yes, we work with a number of highly experienced printing firms who can supply badge stock, so you may combine your needs and purchase the hardware and badge paper from One World Rental for your event. You can order pre printed badges and print variable data using the Epson printer on site in colour. To learn more about options and contact our Event registration experts in your local region to learn more about renting badge printers and badge stock for events world wide from One World Rental.
The Epson C3500 has four ink cartridges slots (Cyan, Black, Yellow, and Magenta) and a Maintenance box. These items are included when you rent the printer and are sold per rental as new cartridges. The number of cartridges you'll need is determined by your company's requirements and depends on the badge design and print demand. Don't hesitate to contact your account manager when placing the order for further information regarding this subject.
Yes, One World Rental can rent Laptops and iPads as well as networking equipment bundled with the Epson C3500 or other onsite registration printers to provide a complete hardware solution for onsite registration and printing needs. One World Rental is the world largest IT Rental company for event hardware. With Laptops, iPads and Printers available to rent in over 50 countries, do not hesitate to contact an One World Rental account manager to learn Epson C3500 Printer rental and associating accessories. One World Rental provides a free consultation for event registration and badge printing needs.

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