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Contactless Digital Signage & Hand Sanitising Kiosk: The latest technology to protect consumers and employees

A Hand Sanitising Kiosk with a Customisable Digital Display

As restrictions are lifted, the public will venture back out into the community. How can you protect consumers and employees while promoting your business? What is the best way to align yourself with consumer hygiene best practise? Introducing our Contactless Digital Signage & Hand Sanitising Kiosk.

This Contactless Digital Signage & Hand Sanitising Kiosk comes with an auto dispenser with a sensor inside of it, to provide hand sanitiser without contact. Our personalised hand sanitiser kiosks enable you to use a screen for messaging and branding opportunities which maximises promotions opportunities while safeguarding consumers and employees alike.

  • Auto dispenser by sensor inside, even running when power offf
  • Big volume 2500 - 5000ML for Hand Sanitiser, no need to fill often
  • Open door design, fill it up very easily
  • Different kinds of hand sanitizer like gel/alcohol/foam/liquid are available
  • Indicator light for volume
  • Dray trip design to prevent slipping

With this display you can playback video content, load images, HTML web pages and scrolling text messages. It includes various ports such as SIM, SD, HDMI, and Rj45, and works with an Android Operating system. The casing is waterproof and the dispenser is automatic yet entirely contactless.

This is already being picked up by the corporate, medical entertainment, educational and public sectors and interest is increasing as restrictions are predicted to be lifted more and more in the next 6 weeks.

We can provide purchase, leasing or rental options that create a bespoke solution tailored to suit your requirements under current circumstances.

By providing this product, you are staying ahead in business while keeping your consumers and staff protected in accordance with the latest government guidelines.

Utilise this Contactless Digital Signage & Hand Sanitising Kiosk for any business or event. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Public information displays
  • Hotels
  • Health Care facilities
  • Self-services terminals
  • Restrooms
  • Public transportation

More About our Sanitising Kiosk

Business requires standards in health like never before. This technology offers you the opportunity to protect your community and consumers, while providing the messaging that benefits your business.

The Contactless Digital Signage & Hand Sanitising Kiosk has various ports for input including SD, SIM, HDMI, and Rj45. It works with an Android operating system. Make the most of tempered protective glass and enjoy the benefits of responsible business. It will improve your brand image and provide peace of mind. It has waterproof casing and a contactless, automatic dispenser.

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