all day battery, 1000 payments at a time,

instant payment solutions for your events.

Why rent iZettle?

One World Rental provide our clients with effective payment solutions.

Client rent iZettle for a variety of reasons. First, it’s a payment terminal that provides quick and secure POS transactions. It’s also an award-winning card reader, the device can be set-up by our technical event staff and installed anywhere. It’s a compact device with many capabilities and works well for events where instant payment are required. For example: exhibitions, music festivals, pop-up shops and charity fundraising events.

Hire the iZettle terminal with the full package which includes the following features

Faster card payments than other payment terminals.
Acceptance of MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Maestro, Visa Electron & more. All day power supply
Bluetooth connectivity
Deposits to your bank within 1-2 working business days 
Compatible smart phones and tablets
Up to 1,000 payments on a fully charged device
Use with the iZettle Cradle, a charging dock for the iZettle payment terminal
Compatible with iZettle, Nobly POS and iKentoo POS software.


Rent iZettle Terminal 

Instant payments at events

Accepts most credit card payments


Rent iZettle EPOS Kit

Includes printer, dock, iPad, iPad stand and Cash Drawer

System includes a complete POS experience for a great price

Electronic Cash Drawer

Keeps your money safe and secure during event trade

Manual, which works when the drawer is pushed

Electronic, which works through the addition of a printer that operates the drawer during transactions

Key locking system: requires a key to be turned in order to obtain access

Banknote Currency Counter

Electronic banknote counter.

Counts up to 1,000 notes per minute.

Detects fraud notes through the use of UV lighting.

Saves businesses time and money.

Deploying global event technology solutions in over 50 countries worldwide.

Offering a 24/7 on-site and technical support service during your rental period.

We are trusted suppliers to over 4000 clients globally.

Partnered with trusted developers to provide customised apps & software solutions.

One of our Project Managers will contact you within 15 mins of your request.