We have in stock thousands of iPad models which can be fully customised in terms of apps and software and ready to use at your event. With iPad’s being readily available in our London warehouse there is no problem in personally delivering all your rental requirements across the United Kingdom. iPads are known to be one the most robust and stylish not to mention powerful devices available in the world of technology, they are a ‘must-have’ trending addition for your event and come in useful especially for:

Our most popular range of iPad’s have larger screens and dynamic retina displays providing high-quality resolution for users, a popular choice for large conferences, training seminars and other digital platforms. It’s the ultimate solution for sharing complicated drawings and graphics, live video streaming and reading content.

The iPad Mini is a small and compact popular technology choice that is hired by many of our clients and partners.

Where users are required to carry the device around for longer periods the size, battery life and efficiency of this product is well suited. It is a sensible solution for high impact outdoor business ventures including: fundraising, field research, customer surveys and data and money collection. We can supply iPad Mini’s with full Wi-Fi configurations, the 4G sim cards can be provided including data options which can be requested when making your enquiry.

iPad’s are the latest cutting-edge technology device, with the high resolution retina displays combined with powerful processors it provides the most outstanding capabilities for mobile users to easily access the world of digital and social media.

They are known to collaborate effortlessly with iPhones and MacBook devices allowing you to share and sync applications and digital media files. One World Rental have specialised technicians that can upload on-brand digital files to the iPads so they are ready to use at any corporate, charity or public event. It has been proven that iPad’s are the latest device for audiences for full interaction with event speakers, engagement in online live voting and connecting to live streaming hosted from the main screen. We have the latest iPads available in black or white and models:- iPad 2 and iPad 3.

ipad hire

iPad Air’s are the most resourceful and sought after technology device to hire by our clients and partners. Even though it is an extremely light device, it has an aluminium enclosure that feels solid and durable.

The Graphics, videos and photos are displayed with great detail and the text is clear and sharp on the stunning Retina display. We can supply everything you need to enable all wireless connections to this device, it is known to have twice the speed of connectivity compared to a regular iPad. One World Rental can also pre-install apps and documents for your events and deliver them to you fully charged and ready to use.

The iPad Pro is the most professional and collaborative device to have available at your business conference or seminars.

The device will handle any customised applications without a problem and provide a long-standing battery life – a great opportunity for your audience to take notes and mark pages during the event. One World Rental’s technicians can effortlessly pair the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil and Keyboard through its Bluetooth connectivity options. With the combination of an amazing retina display, powerful processors and complex interactive features it proves to be the most engaging user experience.


We have all the key accessories our clients will need to complete the rental package, ranging from wireless keyboards, apple pens to external speakers and digital signage.

iPad Quad Stand

Secure & robust

On-site charging

Customised display angles

Branding available

iPad Wall Mounts

Space saving solutions

Professional look and feel

Available in black and white

Can be secured on walls

iPad Floor Stands

Easy to setup

Can be secured to the floor

Options for landscape or portrait displays

Adjustable angles

iPad Rental

iPad Counter & Desk Stands

Easy to use and adjust

Ideal for large conferences, product launches and exhibitions.

Full installation and set-up available

Shoulder Strap

Shoulder Strap

Great for outdoor events.

Full installation and set-up available

4G Data & Sim Cards

Providing full internet connectivity

Full installation and set-up available

4G Lite Mi-Fi Router

Connect multiple devices at a time

Provided with 4G internet

Internet solution where Wi-Fi is absent

Internet solution where Wi-Fi is absent

Highly reliable and secure

Cost-effective connectivity

Installation and set-up is available

Apple Pen

Precision drawing capabilities

Bluetooth connectivity

Great for making notes during a presentation

Apple Keyboard

Secure case

Pairs with the iPad Pro effortlessly

Bluetooth connectivity

Global experience in successful rentals & execution of large events in over 50 countries.

We offer a 24/7 technical support service during the rental period.

Trusted suppliers to 4000+ corporate clients globally.

Partners with trusted web developers to develop customised apps