Event Badge Technology: Ways To Make Your Event Exceptional
May 8, 2019
Wearable tech in events

Like every other thing evolving around us, the event industry is rapidly and efficiently growing with the utilization of advanced technologies. The events have been utilizing the latest tech gadgets like Apple watches, Fitbit and more. With these, wearables have become an important element for the events. Wearables can be used for a variety of purposes including the planning and attendees matter. Wearables improve event planning and experience. Following are the topmost reason why you should get event wearable technology at your upcoming event:

1. Data Gathering

Data collection for event planners is one of the basic consumptions of wearables. The data collected by these wearables are used for feedback for future events by judging the popularity. They are also used as a method to track and keep the record of attendee’s attendance. This helps to compare the reference data with older events to check the loyalty rates and attendance change.

2. Reachable Control and Security Access 

With the activation of Near-field communication, distribution of data within the attendees by wearables is a safer method. This technology is set up physically near to attendees, so they can enjoy the continuous access and control of whose is accessing what. In the name of connectivity, the attendee has control of either to push smart tag button or not. There are event wristbands for the cashless payment purpose and can be seen on the wrist during the entire event. As the wristband can get misplaced if kept in purse in a crowd but obviously losing a wrist is not possible. Due to these technologies, the attendees will have control of data sharing. This act will provide them the authority of controlling their data and security, and they will appreciate it.

3. Better Connectivity Of The Network

Smart Tag is an attendee’s card, also a wearable which links with other devices through Bluetooth. This attendee’s business cards provide the next level network connectivity at meetings and other events. Now with the help of these wearables technologies process’s speeds up and make network connectivity as easy as shaking hands.

4. Suitable Payment Means

The use of event wristbands allows the attendees to make cashless payments. This gives the attendees a sense of control over their payments, and leave them with incredible event experience. They are simpler yet strong tools. It’s better to do cashless payments then carrying a purse with a good amount of cash and losing it at the end of the event. The use of wearables provides more seamless and quicker experience to your attendees.

5. Maintenance And Efficiency

Another very important reason to utilize wearables at your upcoming event is the efficiency and maintenance they will provide to your event. The use of wearables saves time. It increases the efficiency of an event by terminating the use of paper-based tasks, like name tags to business cards. Being an event planner, you must use the things that make your event more productive and maintained in the eye of your attendees.

Executing a successful event gets easy if you utilize the above wearables and certain other IT devices and software solutions to improve the digital experience for your event audience, and One World Rental is your answer for it.

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