Event Badge Technology: Ways To Make Your Event Exceptional

Wearable tech in events
May 8, 2019
May 28, 2019

History of having unfruitful results at your event? That is because you don’t know about the kinds of event technology that can be used in an event to make it remarkable. There are many event technologies such as venue sourcing tools, event website builder, event registration tools, event software integrations, event badge technology, and the list goes on.

Compiling all of these make up a good event. But event badge technology alone is adding more value to your event and keep your attendees satisfied. In the following article, you will learn about the event badge technology and its positive effects on your event.

No more Pre-Printing Badges

Gone are the days, when you had to print badges before your event. Now you can print badges live during the check-in of attendees. Live printing is better in many ways. If your event has live badge printing, it saves a tree (as less paper will be wasted) and money by making sure that badges are not wasted on no-shows. Due to live badge printing, reprinting of badges due to change in name is eliminated. Attendees are more comfortable in entering their information on their own by using self-service kiosks, which makes sure of no mistakes in event badges.

Keep your event more innovative by terminating the use of plastic badge holders. Use lanyards that can be recycled. Or why not email attendees their badge and have them scan their smartwatch or any other wearable. This will drop the utilization of paper totally.

Attendee Satisfaction Increased

The use of event badge technology not only eliminate paper use but helps the satisfaction of the event and attendees all over. With the help event badge tech, there will be no longer check-in queues at registration. The wearable event badging tech checks attendee in and out automatically. These digital badges like wearables let attendees link their credit cards so they can pay at your event without opening their wallets or standing in queues.

With the eliminations of waiting and standing in queues, attendees will be engaged in your event. They will be more satisfied with your event and will enjoy more.

Digital Information Exchange

Do not waste paper by giving away business cards, instead use barcodes, QR codes, radio-frequency identification, Near-field communication or Bluetooth technology to badges of the attendee. With this, attendees will use their event badge to gather and share information with other event attendees digitally.

Many event management software enterprises have mobile apps. The combination of digitalized event badge and mobile event app let attendees record the connection they make, and see all the information of event either during or after the event on their event app.

If your badge is combined with radio-frequency identification, Near-field communication or Bluetooth technology, you will be able to track which sessions or booth is visited by the attendee. This not only tell you about the visits of attendees but also help you enhance the traffic flow of your event and selection of sessions for future events.

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