The Role of Technology in the Events Management Industry in 2021

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November 19, 2020
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The role of technology in the events industry is more crucial than ever. Here’s what you’ll need to be in the game for 2021. Is it hardware, software, internet, or logistics? Spoiler alert: it’s actually much more. Read on for seven essential ingredients for your next event experience.

Decent technology hardware that performs under pressure.

Laptops, iPads, accessories that enable you to do business from anywhere your business is located. You may be working remotely, in a venue or office, or need to work on the go. You may need equipment for trainings delivered to multiple locations for employees or clients in different locations. You’ll want battery life, adequate storage and memory, and a screen you can bear looking at for hours on end. Also look for a company who has the logistic capability to deploy the equipment needed at competitive pricing.

Perhaps you are looking for the latest iPhone for pro filmmaking, or a speaker presentation kit for your next online event. Whatever you need, a good technology company will make it happen. We currently are still delivered throughout the world, around the clock; feel free to get in touch if anything is needed!

Live Streaming for a better audience experience.

More social apps have launched livestream functions in the last 2 years, such as Facebook and snapchat. Livestreaming took off because of its inherent ability to effect audience reach while boosting engagement. With features that allow for consumer insight such as ‘react’ buttons.

Participation inspires engagement and gets viewers involved. It attracts those who would not necessarily attend in person. In 2020 livestreaming has been crucial in enabling an audience experience during a global pandemic. 

One essential ingredient for effective livestreaming? High-speed, reliably consistent WiFi.

High-speed consistent temporary WiFi solutions.

Venue WiFi will rarely accommodate the needed requirements for events, especially given the number of attendees and average device per attendee, as well as the bandwidth required for intensive WiFi activities such as livestreaming- which is more popular than ever at events (read above to find out why.)

You have a variety of options when it comes to temporary WiFi rental, such as access points, satellite WIFi, personalised bonded internet and innovations such as WiFi in a Box, which is a scalable solution that starts at providing WiFi for 100 users within a 40 metre radius and can be built upon.

VR experiences will versatile headsets.

Virtual Tours, product demos, VR headsets for educational events and universities, and corporate trainings. Top level executives enjoy getting to enter a virtual environment that includes a familiar virtual setting with custom built avatars. These are just a few examples.

VR helps to harness speakers who wouldn’t typically be able to attend due to location. It helps to increase the numbers of attendees without having to increase the size of a venue.

Hybrid Events; the best of a new event arena.

Hybrid Events contain both virtual and live experiences- something that’s in the cards for 2021 in a big way. This is critical because some potential attendees will not yet be willing to travel to events in person, or may lack the budget to do so.

Other attendees will insist and delight upon an event in person- and let’s face it- there is nothing that can yet replace a live event. The hybrid option also makes venue capacity less of an issue, especially as many venues will not be offering their traditional numbers until at least mid-year. 

Events marketing technology that increases ROI.

Event automation technology is a lifesaver to event planners- it can post event info to every event listing site and social platform. There are templates for marketing emails, teaser clips, ticket design and types, and so much more. Improving the routes to which to get to know and personalise your message to an audience will increase sales and attendance.

There are a number of events marketing software on the market and which to utilise is dependent on your individual goals and needs. It isn’t always the fanciest or the most costly- it just has to be fit for purpose, user friendly and aligned with your goals.

A team that is as flexible as your 2021 event blueprint.

Last but not least is the team behind you that ties it all together. Choose a company who can work around your changing plans and equipment needs. 2021 is going to require a company with enough experience in hardware, software, and service experience to get you through whatever is next in store.

A business that has a large inventory of equipment, logistical capability, and a history of launching successful events globally will ensure that you are ready for anything at your next festival, fundraiser, conference, or corporate training. It’s just as important to choose a team who works well together as one who performs great work; and your audience deserves nothing less.

As always, for help with any of the event technology listed, or anything else needed in terms of hardware or services for your next event, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today.

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