One World Rental joins the largest trade show in North America this month at IMEX in Las Vegas.

August 9, 2019
One World Rental appoints Cecilia Lavin as Head of European Sales as part of their global expansion.
February 25, 2020
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  • More than 4,000 corporate clients
  • Nine offices around the world
  • Exhibiting at the IMEX Trade Show, Las Vegas; Booth F2571

What happens in Vegas… just might change your life.

What can you do in Vegas? Gamble. Drink. Party. Make connections that will help reinvent your business. Meet us at IMEX 2019 this September 10th-12th including Smart Monday on September 9th. It’s free. It’s fun. It’s probably the most lucrative adventure you could get up to in Vegas, and, one thing’s for certain- we’re all in.

Who is One World Rental?

We’re an award-winning global technology supplier with a penchant for the latest rental equipment you need for conferences, festivals, corporate events and charity fundraisers worldwide.

Is it just rental equipment? Not a chance. We saw the value in a total event solution early on and that’s what we continue to provide to over 4,000 corporate clients globally. This includes Wi-Fi, technology, software, project management, event staff, logistics, delivery, installation and de-rigging.

Having a company for all of your event needs allows you to integrate it and provide the best possible event outcome. How? Our provisions are seamless because we’ve been working together in locations throughout the world for over a decade.

  • Setting up EPOS equipment on a bar made of solid ice for a festival in the French Alps. (Been there.)
  • Securing satellite internet for a conference upon a mobile caravan in the Egyptian desert? (Done that.)
  • Clearing customs quickly in locations like Kazakhstan, Seoul, Moscow, Saudi Arabia, and the Ivory Coast? (With grace and aplomb.)
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Integration, success and a world of everyday teamwork.

What you want for a digital event is not just for everything to work, but for everything to integrate, from the software, to the hardware, to the crew itself. It’s more important than ever in business to have a team that works well together.

A recent January 2019 article in Forbes magazine examines the relevance of teamwork in sports to that of business. Referring to research gleaned from a Northwestern University Study in 2018, it finds that “The experience of winning together apparently has residual value and business teams can harness this value, even with team members who haven’t worked together before.”

This isn’t a new concept. Ever seen the Movie Moneyball? The essence of it is that it’s not just about having the best equipment, budget or even choosing the ‘best’ players. In business, as in sport, the synchronicity is what’s essential. So how does this work at One World Rental?

With a single strong team of service and equipment providers, no broadband glitches will slow down your software or take attention away from the cutting-edge equipment you’ve painstakingly sourced. No untimely deliveries or irritable tech crew will foil your deadlines and mood. No excuses or finger-pointing will occur- one sector blaming another or shirking responsibility for event malfunctions.

Why? Because you now have a single event technology and service supplier who is directly connected and invested to the entire digital experience. If one single thing is off there are hundreds of people on standby who know each other, and know how to fix it.

Together, we’ve been putting the magic back into events for over ten years. We all report to one boss and he’s quite good natured but he doesn’t accept excuses, and he knows each and every staff member by name, in each of our 9 global offices. (He doesn’t seem to sleep either, but more on that another time.)

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Event planning success starts and ends with your team.

So how do you guarantee success? It’s always about the character of your crew, their skill and how they connect to consistently achieve a common goal. Whether it’s event rental equipment such as hardware, laptops, iPads, Audio-Visual equipment, EPOS devices or digital signage and accessories, event software solutions such as bespoke event app building, or internet installation and technical event staffing, let us show you a variety of ways we can be of service throughout your next digital event experience.

We’ll be at the IMEX America tradeshow (the largest in North America) from September 9th-12th at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas Nevada. Registration is free, and once you’ve registered, you can make an appointment with us ahead of time at this link

We’ll be at Booth F2571, and we look forward to meeting you. Looking for help, but can’t make it to the show? Contact our Head of Sales, Chris Player, at the contact details below.

One incredible team. One total event solution.

One World Rental.

Chris Player, Sales Manager


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