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The Oculus Quest represents the next generation of virtual reality headgear. It enables full control of the headset without the need for any additional sensors. This implies you may put on the headset at any place and instantly be transported into Virtual Reality. Furthermore, the Oculus Quest does not require a strong PC to work because it can run everything from inside the headset.

What distinguishes Quest from Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, and other virtual reality headsets so for the first time, you’ll be able to wear a headset, move about a place, lift things, and act immediately – all without the need of a computer. This is the most mobile system on the market. This brings up a plethora of wonderful options. You will not want to pass up this opportunity. Rent Oculus Quest today if you want to experience the greatest VR technology.

Features of Oculus Quest

All-In-One VR:

The technology needs no setup and sends you instantaneously into another dimension as soon as you turn it on. The Oculus Quest is a one-of-a-kind independent, high-quality VR system with wireless motion tracker touch controllers and six-degree motion tracking that allows you to access Facebook’s Oculus ecosystem at a low cost.

The easy setup will astound you; within minutes, you will be ready to experience VR right out of the box.


Because this is an entirely self-contained VR headset, you can move freely around in the three-dimensional virtual world without the requirement for any additional sensors. As two controllers allow you to enjoy complicated scenarios, the headset records motion and has outstanding inside-out tracking. With Oculus insight tracking, everything is already in place.

4 internal cameras adequately capture your movements and offer a fluid, cohesive in-game experience, whether you’re avoiding polygons in Superhot or slamming the rhythm in Beat Saber.

Built-in Audio:

Oculus Quest features positional audio on board right in the headset, providing a superb ergonomics sensation in your ears. You will also be able to plug in your gaming headset if you wish. The Oculus Quest also has IPD adjustment so that you can fine-tune it to the precise width of your eyes.

Amazing Graphics:

Prepare to be surprised by the strange virtual world, which has an image resolution of 1440 1600 pixels per eye. You will give up watching games on TV and enter the game itself, experiencing actual heroism within yourself.

Touch controllers:

The most exemplary innovation that comes with the package is the Oculus Touch controllers. The hand controllers enable you to pick up things in VR that accurately reproduce your hands, movements, and motions, making the game seem real enough to reach out and touch. The Oculus Guardian technology can fix the limits of the virtual reality playground and assist you in avoiding colliding with surrounding objects while playing the game.

Oculus Quest Rental

The Oculus Quest VR headgear is now readily available for rent to give a full Virtual Reality experience, opening the door for a wide range of visually stunning rental applications. We assure you that the Oculus Quest VR headset will reach your place on time after you order from our Oculus Quest rental service. The headset rentals arrive ready to use, which means you can start exploring VR the moment you get your hands on them.

With our top oculus quest rental services, you may experience next-level games without spending much money. In case of any queries, do not hesitate to contact our experienced rental consultant. Our services include on-site personnel, whether you want to rent or host an event. It is capable of incredible feats and would be a terrific focal point for any occasion.

We provide an oculus quest rental service for the following events:  conferences, trade shows, product demonstrations, festivals, parties for the holidays, employee appreciation parties. Our company can also customize the service according to your needs.

What does it include with Our Rentals?

  • Cases with Wheels for Ease of Equipment Transport
  • The Oculus Quest headset comes with sanitary face pads and a frame-friendly spacer.
  • Two Controllers 
  • Double-A Batteries and a 15 W Power Adapter
  • Pre-Event Strategy Session with VR Event Experts for up to three hours
  • How to Use Your Rented Device Documentation (PDF)
  • Email and phone support are both unlimited.

Step by step guide for oculus quest rental

1. Request for rental

You have sent us a rental request. This request specifies which devices you want, as well as the quantity, duration, and location.

2. Personalized quote

We create a quotation just for your event.

3. Quote acceptance

You agree with the quote. You can now be confident that your devices will arrive on time at your destination.

4. Delivery

We deliver to your address using a reputable delivery provider. They are now available for use at your event.

5. Make a return

You may either return the gadgets via our courier service or drop them off at our office.

6. Billing

After we have tested the gadgets, we will send you an invoice that includes everything.

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