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June 14, 2019
August 9, 2019


The first half of 2019 is over however the technology trends are surprising the audience more and more. This list elaborates 10 innovative event tech trends you’ve been waiting for a long time:

1.      5G NETWORK

5G network is defined by the amount of bandwidth and upgraded data protection it can deliver. This network upgrade takes hardly a minute while transferring data or downloading files with its double speed.


Augmented reality is very impressive and highly used in event planning. It reduces the use of paper and manages things virtually which is a great part in which you can execute everything by scanning an AR’s trigger image using your smart devices.


Human biometric features like finger printing, facial and voice recognition are not easy to break through and that is where biometric methods take charge. Incorporating biometric recognition not only boost an event’s security but is best to maintain records of the attendees.

4.      DRONES

Apart from taking breath-taking shots, drones are much more useful in an event. People can increase security measures by keeping an eye on the audience with the help of a drone.  Also, they are highly compatible with fast-paced and outdoor events for monitoring action-packed activities.


A mesh network is what people are looking forward to. With the help of this technology, you can set custom Wi-Fi stations that can be installed easily. These stations will increase the connectivity and will offer secure internet to all the people at the event.


Registration, ticketing, check-in and out process can be done quickly with the help of RFID. From monitoring your audience in a trade show to engaging them. You can do it all easily by embedding traceable tags on badges, wristbands and plastic cards.


Unique Projection advertising is also known as projection mapping or 3-D augmented reality which allows the vendor to create an amazing, futuristic and captivating ambiance at the event. You can use light to map it on actual solid surfaces such as buildings, indoor objects, giant structures, and stages. Once you’re done with spatially mapping on 2D or 3D surface, it will transform your object into a breathtaking 3D piece of art.


Google’s Machine Learning for speech recognition is a perfect fit for the example of voice recognition technology. This tech can be used for strict security purpose as it’s tough to trick a machine or system with voice transformation capabilities. Also, events can become more accessible and easy to manage by offering language translations and voice recognition tools.


Wearable Technology is very trendy these days as you can simply sync it with your other gadgets. It is widely used by many industries to let people communicate by wearing a gadget that serves multiple benefits. It can be used to boost audiences’ security during events as they’re used in the form of a digitally embedded watches, badges, and other tools. You can visit One World Rental to get the latest event tech gadget like a range of iPad hire on the go.

10.  ZERO UI

Zero UI refers to the integrated technology that is used to interact seamlessly. It has been incorporated with multiple technologies in the past. However, this time it is interfaced into different devices that are used for gestures and voice recognition such as, Siri.

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