The OneWorldRental Referral Scheme is open and available to individuals and organisations who have or will obtain the services from OneWorldRental & HireTablets (trading name of Alexander Ward ltd) under standard Rental Agreement (“the referee”). The referral discount detailed in this Scheme is a 25% discount applicable to the NET value of the order made by a referee. The referee is eligible to receive a 25% discount which may be applied to their next order after they refer an individual or an organisation who placed an order with OneWorldRental. For the avoidance of doubt, no discount is applied if a referred person or company is already a client of OneWorldRental & HireTablets or has placed an order with the OneWorldRental & HireTablets in the past. The referee will not be eligible to receive a discount under this scheme if the referred individual or an organisation cancels the order; fails to pay for an order or for any other reason does not fulfill its obligations under T&C of the order. The referee may request a discount under this scheme for the same individual or organisation only once. The referee may apply for the discount under this scheme indefinite number of times by referring different individuals or organisations. OneWorldRental & HireTablets saves the right to refuse to provide the services to any individual or organisation referred under this scheme for any reason whatsoever. The referee will not be eligible for a discount shall OneWorldRental & HireTablets refuse to provide the services.

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