How to Enable Picture-in-Picture Mode on iPad for YouTube?

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On the iPad, almost every major media app like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV supports Picture-in-Picture, except YouTube, which does on Android. While the YouTube app on the iPad now supports Split View, it still occupies half of the screen.

If you have an iPad or iPad Pro running iPadOS 13 or higher, you may utilize Safari’s new support for desktop websites and the browser’s built-in video player as a workaround to play YouTube videos in a floating window on top of other applications.

Except for the apparent lack of picture-in-picture capabilities, the iOS YouTube app is the finest way to experience YouTube on an iOS device. If you like viewing videos while doing other things, here’s how to get YouTube Picture-in-Picture on iPad.

Enabling Picture-in-Picture Mode on iPad

  1. Open Safari or Chrome

Picture in Picture Mode will not be compatible with the YouTube app until it is updated with compatibility, however, you may view YouTube videos in Picture in Picture Mode through Safari for the time being.

If you don’t already have Google Chrome on your iOS device, go to the App Store and install it. Install and launch the app.

  • Sign in to YouTube

Now navigate to like you would any other website. Log in to your YouTube account if you wish to or are prompted to. If you have the YouTube app, make sure you open the YouTube web link in a different tab, otherwise, it will open in the app instead.

  • Play the video of your choice.

Look up any video you wish to watch. Tap it to start it playing on the mobile player.

  • Full Screen the Video

To use the YouTube media player in full-screen mode, click the square icon at the bottom.

  • Select the picture-in-picture option.

Tap on the Picture in Picture symbol,  which resembles a larger screen with an arrow pointing to a smaller screen. To enable Picture in Picture, double touch the screen with two fingers or swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone.

This symbol will be visible with the other playback controls. When you tap it, the video will open in the native iOS PIP window.

  • Open other tabs

To keep surfing Safari while viewing your video, just open another Safari tab or slide to the Home Screen to launch another app.

Once Picture in Picture mode is enabled, you may use your iPhone to perform other things by swiping out of Safari. Picture in Picture windows may be moved anywhere on the screen and double-tapped to adjust their size to small, medium, or large.

You can even slide the Picture in the Picture window all the way off the screen if you need to utilize your iPhone’s full display but still want to hear the video.

Disable Picture-in-Picture Mode

  1. To access the video controls, tap anywhere on the video.
  2. In the top right corner of the window, tap the Picture in Picture symbol. You may also use two fingers to double-tap on the video.
  3. Alternatively, when you’re through watching the video, touch the “X” to exit it.

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